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The mission of the Mineral Country Health Department is "to provide basic public health services which assess, promote and protect the health status of Mineral Country citizens in a safe environment". The Mineral Country Health Department is supported by federal state and country funding through various contracts and grants. Health services are provided to persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or handicap. 


Mineral County Board of Health Passes Clean Air Regulation of 2013

The Mineral County Board of Health approved amendments to the Mineral County Clean Indoor Air Regulation of 2006.   The regulation, known as the Mineral County Clean Air Regulation of 2013, repealed and replaced the current Mineral County Clean Indoor Air Regulation.  Click here for more information on this and to obtain a copy of the approved and filed amendment.


Healthy Corner!

Put Breast Care in Focus

Do all you can to protect yourself from breast cancer.  Follow the recommended schedule of breast-care screenings.  If you’re at higher than average risk for breast cancer, ask your doctor about additional screenings.  Also discuss any lifestyle change you can make to help prevent the disease, including limiting your alcohol intake, losing weight and exercising.


Arm Yourself Against Illness

Prepare for cold and flu season by protecting yourself and others as best you can.  Get a flu shot, wash your hands often, and always cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, especially if your hands aren’t clean.  Also, exercise, eat well, and get enough rest: all help your immune system better fight off illness.


Keyser is on the Move with a new grant received by the Mineral County Family Resource Network that will target women over the age of 30 living in Keyser. This will be done through supportive and organized walking groups that will follow designated walking routes throughout the city. The goal is to provide these women with the tools necessary to help them achieve physical health through walking, monthly meetings, educational information/presentations, incentives, and support.

         For more information on this and other ways to life a healthier lifstyle, please visit our Healthy Coalition link below


Volunteers Needed!

The Mineral Health Department has begun recruiting volunteers for the Mineral Country Medical Reserve Corps (MCMRC). If you are interested please contact us today. Your community needs you! For more information about the MCMRC, please check out the Medical Reserve Corps page.



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